Aadhaar Authentication to Prevent Frauds

Aadhaar Authentication to Prevent Frauds
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How to Prevent Aadhar Frauds from Scammers

Bank accounts, loans, Credit Cards and other number of transactions are reported being fraudulent every now a days across India using Aadhaar Card. We’ll discuss how you can avoid these kinda scams and why Aadhaar Authentication is necessary in this digital era.

One of the major reasons is that people are not clear about how much and to whom you need to provide information about your Aadhaar card.

ProTip: Never ever disclose your OTP (One Time Password) to anybody known or unknown to you for Aadhaar Authentication.

Aadhar authentication Online Guide
Aadhar authentication Online Guide

Methods to Avoid – Scammers

1- Biometric Locking for Aadhaar Authentication

You’ll be surprised to know that people now a days can forge your 10 fingers and use it for Aadhaar Authentication online to perform different transactions without knowing you. Yes, these scams are reported. SURPRISED!!

For this you need to lock this bio-metric aadhaar authentication at UIDAI website. Hope you know the procedure already. If not then don’t worry, the procedure is quite simple and straightforward.

Steps to Lock Bio-metric for Aadhar Card Authentication Online

Step-1: Go to UIDAI Official Website – UIDAI

Step-2: Click on Lock/Unlock Biometric Option

Step-3: Enter your 12-digit Aadhaar Number & Code.

Step-4: Click on “Send OTP”. Now, You will receive an OTP, Enter it.

Step-5: You will receiver a confirmation message on your registered mobile.

Step-6: Click on ENABLE button. That is used for Lock your biometric details.

You will receive a confirmation SMS that your biometric is locked.

In case you are not receiving any SMS on your registered mobile, alert UIDAI.

If you still want to see more details for this you can visit our other blog that is Aadhaar Authentication Online. Here, you will find pictorial explanation as well.

Cases are reported where people get calls from unknown number asking for OTP you just received, please avoid these calls & never ever disclose your OTP to anyone in any case.

Biometric Locking for Aadhaar AuthenticationBiometric Locking for Aadhaar Authentication
Biometric Locking for Aadhaar Authentication

2- VID – Virtual ID for Aadhaar Card

This gives a extra layer security to your Aadhaar Card. It is a temporary 16 – digit code. You can create a Virtual ID by visiting UIDAI Official Website. It is nearly impossible to track Aadhaar Number from Virtual ID. You can generate this VID on daily basis. As nobody can track your Aadhaar Card number from VID but you can track your VID through your aadhaar card number, hence your Aadhaar details are super secure. You can use VID for Aadhaar authentication with agency for e-KYC.

We recommend you to use  this method for your online transactions rather than using Aadhaar number.


Virtual ID for Aadhaar Card
Virtual ID for Aadhaar Card

3- Use Aadhar Card Only if Needed

Avoid using aadhaar card for the things where you can use other cards like Voter ID, PAN card, Ration Card and or driving license. Let say you go to buy a SIM Card where you need to provide an Aadhaar card copy, make sure to write on copy like for SIM only etc. & make a cross on it. Going to gym, flights, hotels, rent a car etc. use other cards rather than Aadhaar Card.


Unique Identification Authority of India-UIDAI is working day and night to make this system as secure as possible. On the other hands it is our responsibility to take care as Aadhaar card has a lot of personal information of an individual. Most of the scammers are using your aadhaar card number during Aadhaar-Mobile linking to get fake ID. One can avoid any of these scam easily by following the above methods. Remember, precaution is better than cure!

Hope, you have enjoyed reading through. If you still need any assistance please don’t hesitate to ask in comments. If you want help others please share to family and friends.

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