Aadhaar Card Download Online

Aadhaar Card Download Online
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What is an Aadhaar Card?

Aadhar cards have now become one of the most important Identity cards which are owned by each and every citizen of India. This card is issued by the Indian Government which conveys and tells every citizen to hold this card. Aadhar is also known as Unique Identification Number (UID) which is given to all the citizen mainly for their unique Identity. These cards are now a mandatory one, and Indian Government provides a unique number for each holder. It is a 12-digit random unique number which is displayed on the card. All the biometric details of every citizen are in it. Aadhar cards main use for different purposes like passports, opening the bank account, for gas agencies, linking with mobile numbers, when attending some interviews and so on. It mainly includes all the bio-metric and demographic details of every citizen living in India. Following is the importance and how to Adhar acrd Download – Download e-AADHAAR Card Online;

Why is Mandatory to use Aadhar cards?

Indian Government gives Aadhar card to every individual living in India irrespective of gender, age, religion and other aspects. The Government of India formed a special group as Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) to provide a unique Identity to every citizen and collecting their all biometric and demographic details with tight security. If suppose someone uses Aadhar card illegally then it will be so easy to trace out the person. As nowadays it has become a mandatory one, each and every one must have this card in their hands. These cards are used for every single daily task like for filling applications, tickets booking, booking gas, when applying for ration cards, for bank purposes, sometimes even for visiting temples and so on. Most of them use their Aadhar cards in their day to day life, but they fail to notice all those things.

How to download e-Aadhar cards online:

After applying for Aadhar card, you have to wait for few days or one/two months to get your original Aadhar card. Till that you will not be able to do or carry out some of your works without getting the original cards. For that case, Indian Government has provided a new idea for every citizen, known as e-Aadhar. Before you get your original Aadhar, it is so simple and easy to download your e-Aadhar online. This is same that of the original one but the formats alone change whereas the original will be in card format, but e-Aadhar will be in paper format. The value behind both the cards is the same. In case if you don’t have your original cards, you can make use of your e-Aadhar in times of need. It is so simple to download your e-Aadhar online without any hassles online, and those procedures are as follows.

Channels for Aadhaar Cards

There are different methods available to download the e-Aadhar form online. They are

  1. By Enrollment Number (EID)
  2. Using Virtual ID (VID)
  3. By using Aadhar Number (UID)

These are the only available, easy methods to download the cards. Mostly they require only the basic details like Name of the person, Aadhar or Enrollment Number, Mobile Number with OTP and so on.

  • The very first procedure to carry out is to move to the official page of UIDAI.
  • Now you will be able to view more options like “Enrollment, VID, Aadhar” where it is your choice to choose your method which is available under “Personal Details option.”
  • Suppose if you want to choose “By using Aadhar method” then click on “Aadhar” option.
  • Now enter the 12 digits unique Aadhar number given to you in your Acknowledgment slip after filling the application form.
  • Fill the basic details like “Full Name and Pin code.”
  • Then you have entered the security captcha displayed on the screen and click on the option “Yes, I have OTP.”
  • Now click on the “Request OTP option” so that you will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number.
  • Finally, enter the six-digit OTP and click on download Aadhar option.

So, by all these procedures now you will be able to download your e-Aadhar cards in a simple and easy way which is also a beneficial way for every citizen who wants their Aadhar cards as soon as possible.

YouTube Resources:

You can view following YouTube videos for better understanding about Adhar Acrd.

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