Aadhaar Card Status by the Name and the PIN Code

(Last Updated On: June 10, 2018)
Aadhaar Card Status by the Name and the PIN Code
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What is Aadhar?

It is the 12 digits unique identifying number that issued to all the residents of India. It is based on the Biometric and the demographic data of the people. The duty to collect the data is done by the Unique Authority of India (UIDAI).UIDAI is a statuary Authority that was established in the year 2009 on January. It was established by the government of India under the jurisdiction of the ministry of Electronics and the information Technology followed by the provisions of the Aadhar Act, 2016.

In the world Aadhar is the largest biometric ID system. It has around 1.19 billion enrolled members as per recorded on 30 November 2017. Representing all over the Indians by 99%. The Chief Economist of the World Bank Paul Romer described as the most sophisticated ID programmed in the whole world. Aadhar itself does not grant any of the rights to the domicile in India. check this too: aadhar card download by name and date of birth

Aadhar Card Status By Name and PIN Code

Aadhaar Card Status by the Name and the PIN Code

Aadhaar Card Status by the Name and the PIN Code

As just like the common citizens of India FRs and NRIs also need to enroll with the Aadhar for the security reasons and for the other benefits and the reasons. The Foreign nationals that all are living in India are issued the Aadhar card by the UIDAI and is termed as the UID (District Positive Identification). If you are the nonresident of India and want to know more about the Aadhar card status by the name and the PIN code of the particular area you can easily do so by visiting the portal of the UIDAI’s Portal.

The significance of the Aadhar Card status by name and PIN code

UID Aadhar Card is issued to the foreign nationals is generated by considering the current location of them in India. There is no need to check the status of the Aadhar card by the name and the PIN code for the person with the nationality of Foreign. So to check the status of the enrolled Aadhar card for the NRI and the foreign Nationalist all you have to do is by simply visiting the website UIDAI website and click on the option given over there “ Check Aadhar Status”.

How to Check the Status of Aadhar Card by the Name and PIN Code?

If anyone has enrolled for the Aadhar card of the late and want to check the current status then just visit the official site of UIDAI. Being the newly registered applicant of the Aadhar one should have to handle the slip of Acknowledgment slip with the 14 digit enrollment number, enrollment date and the enrollment time. The status of the recently registered Aadhar Card by taking the following steps

  • Visit the Home page of the UIDAI and just click on the “Check Aadhar Status”
  • After visiting the website Enter the specific 14 digital Aadhar Enrollment Number in the one box and enter the 14 digit details of the date, year and the timing in another box.
  • Enter the Given Captcha over there
  • Click on the check Status and you will get all the details over there.

Check out the Aadhar card status with pin code and name:-

This is a government issued ID card which is provided once the application assigned to the common people. If you have already applied for the aadhar number, then you can check out the status online by downloading the PDF files using the enrolment number online. It is mandatory that by government of India and for every bank account, electricity bills, telephone connections, gas connections and other kind of card registration, this aadhar card is made compulsory.

Reason to have aadhar card:-

This is a mandatory subjective by the government of India to help people avail government subsidies and that can be done with the identification number which is a proof of address. Another significant reason behind launch of aadhar card is to help with controlling illegal immigration to the country. For that reason, the aadhar card is substituted with name and address, photograph as well as fingerprint. This is not an identity of a family; rather a number is allotted to a single individual.

Checking the Aadhar card status by Name:-

For those who need the aadhar card number urgently and don’t have enrolment number can check the status with the name and pin code. This is the best trick that would let you download the card by name and pin code.

Procedure to check the aadhar card status:-

  • For the aadhar card status by name and pin code. For that at first you need to find the aadhar number or the UID or the aadhar enrolment number. This is going to be identified with http://resident.uidai.gov.in/find-uid-eid.
  • The benefit of aadhar card is identified with downloading by name without a mobile number and you can even verify your address.
  • After the page is opened, there are 2 options available and one among them is the UID and the other is EID.
  • Select any one of the option which ever you want to recover and fill in the details that is asked for the aadhar card status by name.
  • The details are asked for like the full name, email i.d, mobile number and then enter the security code. The mobile number and the email address must be same as that mentioned on the application form.
  • Once the security code is entered, just click next to get the OTP on your registered mobile number.
  • Enter the OTP received through SMS, click on the verify button.
  • After that an aadhar card enrolment number on email or on mobile number will be generated which depends on the receiving option that you have chosen.
  • Once you receive the UID or the EID number, just move next to download the aadhar card PDF copy.
  • For downloading the copy of the aadhar card , you need to click on the provided link that is “ http://eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in/
  • You would then get the e-aadhar card in the digital form.
  • Then you can further follow the directions as provided on the link to get through the best of aadhar card verification as well as enrollment system.

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