Aadhar Card for NRI or OIC Card Holder | Step by Step

Aadhar Card for NRI or OIC Card Holder | Step by Step
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Keep in mind, an Aadhaar, Adhaar or Adhar Card is only for Indian Citizens. As per the Adhaar Act, 2016, to qualify in you have to resided in India for at least a period of 182 days, in the 12 months immediately before the date of application for the Adhaar Card. If a Non Resident Indian (NRI) or Overseas Citizen Of India (OIC) who has stayed in India for 182 days or more, in the 12 months right before the date of application, then that NRI/OIC is only eligible to apply for a Adhaar card. Aadhar Card for NRI is mandatory to keep your bank accounts alive!

If you are not in India but been stayed in India for 182 days or more of this year then you can contact to nearby Embassy and they are bound to help you to get Aadhar for NRI or OIC.

aadhar card for nri and OIC
Aadhar Card for NRI – A Read may be Beneficial for you Before Applying for Aadhaar Card!

Procedure for Aadhar Card for NRI or OIC & PIO Card Holder

This procedure is quite similar as for permanent resident.

The non-resident Indian applying for Adhar card can visit the UIDAI website and find an UIDAI authorized enrollment center near by. After Enrollment Center selection, the he/she need go to any UADAI approved Adhaar enrollment center with identity proof and other related documents.

NRI’s need to follow below easy Steps to get an Adhaar card at the Adhaar  Enrollment center;

Step-1. Documents Submission

The first step to get an Adhaar card is to submit all the related documentation to prove your identity as of the non-resident Indian or Overseas Citizen of India (OIC). This set includes birth certificate, ID card, PAN and degree certificate. Now, submit the documents after scanning to the concerned authorities to decide either if the applicant is eligible for Adhaar Card or not.

Step-2. Scanning (Fingers Tip)

Once the documents are submitted & approved by authorities, he/she need to appear for biometric of all his/her ten fingers. This will ensure that the individual has a unique & established identity. This all will be done at UADAI approved enrollment center to ensure the authenticity of this aadhaar process.

Step-3. Retina /Iris Scanning

Iris is the next step to make sure another check on person identity & it will be performed same UADAI approved enrollment center. Hence, this another check will establish a perfect identity. Although, this will be done at the same time after finger scanning and you need not to bother to appear in patches.

Step-4. Fresh Photograph

Once the above steps are done, then the applicant’s need to go to web camera for fresh photo at the same enrollment center. The Aadhaar card will have the same photo on it. You need not to submit any hard-copy of your photo anywhere in this process. It’s a complete online, digital, neat & clean process you can say.

You are done here!

Step-5. Physical Aadhaar Card – Delivery

You need to wait for physical copy of Aadhaar Card now don’t worry you can use your acknowledge slip for many purposes as of Aadhaar. Normally, it needs 45-60 days to get physical copy but this period may prolong to 90 days. You can trach your card by online visiting the UIDAI official website with the enrolment number (EID) mentioned in the slip, you received after completing Step-4.

This is all online & hence you need not to visit enrollement center again. It is just a one day procedure only but worthy. Isn’t it? Later, you can also download e-aadhar card, print and use it for all purposes. Aadhar Card for NRI is important like to save your accounts in banks.

You can find more details regarding downloading, printing, updating of aadhar card on our website.

Thank you for your time & do let me know if it’s helpful or not. Your participation matters and drive to work on more efficiently.

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  1. United States born kids (currently residing in India) to Indian Parents (or parents of Indian origin) can get Aadhar Card in India. UIDAI Aadhaar doesn’t include nationality of kid.
    UIDAI Aadhaar card is just an identity record and not any proof of Indian Citizenship. There will be no problem in obtaining an Aadhaar card for the kid in INDIA since the card is not a proof of citizenship.
    It’s quite clearly written in the Aadhaar letter that, Aadhaar card is just a proof identity not an Indian Citizenship.
    One needs to stay 182 days to qualify to get the Adhaar card for the current financial year.
    However, since the parents are Indian and have valid proof of Indian Nationality, there should no issue in this regard.

    We suggest you talk to the authorities in UIDAI by visiting any enrollment center nearby. Hopefully they will get the job done smoothly.

  2. Hi,

    I’m a OCI holder staying abroad and my wife is Indian, I don’t have an Aadhar and we are expecting a baby soon in India , but the hospital and corporation say that both parents must have an Aadhar in order to get birth certificate. Is it really necessary for me to get an Aadhar for a baby to get birth certificate? I’m bit confused on this!!!

    1. Yes. Parents Need Aadhar For their Kids Because On the Basis of Parent’s Aadhar Details Their Babies got Aadhar Card. Parents have to provide their Personal Details while Filling aadhar application form while filling Babies aadhar card. Once the Baby became 5 years old then they can get their personal aadhar card from UIDAI. I hope this info will help you.

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