How to Download Aadhar Card Online without Mobile Number

Are you one of those who lost or gave wrong phone number while registering Aadhar Card? No Problem! As UIDAI is updating their systems and providing us with new ways to download aadhar card, So in this article we will show you How to Download Aadhar Card Online without Mobile Number with a step by step guide, with all the links and images for your convenient. There is no need to visit any Aadhar Center to do that all the process is via online so this saves the time and hassle. Let’s take a look how to do Aadhar Card Download Without Mobile Number?

We will divide this article in 2 parts, first is to Download Aadhar Card Online without Mobile Number, Second is for those who lost the Aadhar Card and looking to download it without mobile number, that means in the second step we will show you how you can find lost Aadhar card number later with which you can Download Aadhar Card.

How to Download Aadhar Card Online without Mobile Number

Step 1 – Visit the official website of UIDAI for Aadhar Card, you can just click HERE Or Click the button below,

[otw_shortcode_button href=”” size=”medium” icon_position=”left” shape=”square” target=”_blank”]Click Here[/otw_shortcode_button]

Once you have opened the link you will have two options to select as shown in the image below, Simply Select the Enrolment Option at the right Side.

aadhar card download without mobile number

Step 2 – After you have opened their website, you need to fill up the Enrolment Number and the date mentioned in the Enrolment Slip at the first column, Just like the below Image.

Step 3 – Then you need to fill up your full name of the card holder and the pincode which is registered in Aadhar Card, then you need to type the security captcha code which will be displayed on the site.

Step 4 – This one is the final step. Here you need to enter any phone which is not registered with UIDAI, then click on get OTP. After you get the OTP just enter it on the site and Click on Validate and Download.

If all the steps are correctly followed and the information you provided is correct, Aadhar Card will be download in a PDF file format, Which is password protected.

The password of the PDF file will be like, If your name is RAJU and you were born in 1993, then your password will be the First Four Characters of you Name followed by the year you were born, So it will be “RAJU1993”, Make sure the first four characters you enter will be Capital, Then after you can easily Access your Aadhar Card.

How to Find Lost Enrolment Number

Step 1 – You need Visit the Official website to Retrieve Enrolment Number ( EID ) by Clicking HERE Or by clicking the Button Below

Click Here

Step 2 – Once you Visit the website Select Enrolment Number (EID) Whichever you need to retrieve, as shown in the Image Below.

Retrieve Aadhar Number

Step 3 – Fill up all the details Asked on the website like the Full name as registered in your Aadhaar, Registered Phone Number or the Email and Lastly the Security Code which will be displayed.

Lost Aadhar Number

Step 4 – Once the above step is completed, Click on the SEND OTP Button, as you click the system will send you a One Time Password ( OTP ) to your Registered Mobile Number or E-Mail. ( OTP may take up to 5 minutes to Arrive

Step 5 – Once you receive OTP, Enter it on the right side of the Website, as shown in the image Below, Lastly click on Verify OTP button.

Lost Aadhar Number

Step 6 – Once you submit the OTP and if all the details are Correctly entered, it will display Aadhaar Number (UID) or Enrolment Number (EID) Whichever you selected.

That is all it for this Article, If you followed all the steps correct you will be able to Download Aadhar Card Online without Mobile Number.

How to Download Aadhar Card Online without Mobile Number
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